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Bee Gees - "Lonely Days"

I love the Bee Gees. There, I've admitted it.

From the folky-Beatlesque pop of the 60s, through the disco 70s, and into their ballad-driven work in their later years, it's all good. While I think they wrote, recorded and released many great songs throughout their extraordinary career, their pinnacle was the three-album stretch, briefly interrupted by a bitter intra-familial split. of Odessa, 2 Years On, and Trafalgar. These are the records made before they let the Philadelophia soul side of their personalities dominate the group's sound. This is the period in which they invented and perfected a genre that I label "prog pop," as it combined pure pop hookery with elements of the nascent prog-rock scene. See, e.g., Moody Blues; see also Yes.

While my favorite Bee Gees' song may change, my favorite single will always be "Lonely Days," the most infectious song ever that is nothing more than a wallow in self-pity.

The invaluable has 2 Years On on the sale for the extraordinary price of $6.63. Again, at the price, you may want to buy two. Or, better yet, pair it up with Trafalgar, a the same bargain price, or, best choice of all, the classic Odessa, unbelievably at the same low price.
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