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The Cars - "Panorama"

I continue to enjoy the big box o' new CD's one CD at time. The best to extend the pleasure. Today's CD was the Rough Guide to the Music of Thailand, available on the sale from alldirect for a mere $9.99. If you note on the alldirect site, the name of the CD is so long that you only know you're buying the "Rough Guide to the Music of Th". "Th". You can't even find this by searching for "Thailand"; it's search engine only registers "Th" How do you know if you're ordering "Rough Guide to the Music of Th[ailand]" and not "Rough Guide to the Music of Th[e Alps]"? Release dates! "Thailand" was release 07/29/2003. The things I do to save five bucks per CD at the alldirect site.

So what's this got to do with the Cars being the song o' the day? I enjoyed this Rough Guide as I have so many of the ones I bought previously. But none of the tracks have grabbed me sufficiently (except maybe Track 9 - "Oh Oh Oh" by the China Dolls) to identity one as song o' the day. Yet. So let's go with one of my favorite Cars tracks.

This one, "Panorama," always struck me as a sort of male-side version of the saddest song of all time, "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me," in which the great Dusty Springfield sings "You don't have to say you love me / Just be close at hand". Dusty deserves so much better. And, on this track, so does Ric Ocasek. All's he wants is to be part of her "pan-o-rama," just one part in a much larger background montage. That's settling for so little.

The LP "Panorama" was such a disappointment to me when I first heard, being so much darker than the first two Cars releases. I had no problem with the title track or the lead single "Touch and Go." This song is pure pop, with just the right bit of creepiness in the melody line.

My copy of this song is off "Just What I Needed: The Cars Anthology," which once again is five bucks cheaper on alldirect than anywhere else.
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