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Chaka Khan - "I'm Every Woman"

Another day, another new CD from the big box o' new CD's. Yet another extreme bargain from alldirect: Chaka Khan's Epiphany: The Best of Chaka Khan, released in 2001 and on the sale for only $7.99.

I had put off adding the greatest hits from Ms. Yvette Marie Stevens because of a dislike for some of her Rufus material. Actually, it was an intense dislike for "Tell Me Something Good." I've always had a warm spot for "Ain't Nobody." I already owned and enjoyed 1998's Come 2 My House, which, as you can tell from the numerical-spelling in the title, is much more of a Prince record than a Chaka Khan CD. (In all actuality, it's the best Prince CD since 1992's squiggly-sdymbol titled record.) Epiphany is a worthy addition, despite being weighed down by too many ballads near the end.

My favorite Chaka solo song has always been Ashford & Simpson's "I'm Every Woman." Surprise, it's not her ultra-hip, super-catchy rendition of "I Feel for You." It's the first track from her first solo LP, later given the big-voice bland-out maltreatment at the throat of NCW Whitney Houston.

Footnote: "NCW" does not stand for "notorious coke whore."
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