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Earth to Tuvalu: Start swimming I'm not giving up my SUV

Apparently the population of the tiny atoll nation of Tuvalu is afraid that global warming will soon wipe their low-lying island off the map. They think Kyoto is going to solve the problem! Where to begin. Where to begin.

First of all, assume that greenhouse gas emission is the predominant cause of global warming, a super-freakin' huge assumption. And assume Kyoto would get the purported greenhouse gas emission "problem" under control, and even more super-freakin' humongous assumption. Kyoto won't be working instantaneously, If these islands truly on the verge of sinking, as postulated in this alarmist article, Kyoto isn't going to work faster than Crest whitening strips.

But pull apart those two super-freakin' huge assumptions that the left-tilted MSM just assumes to be true. China and the (occasionally rapidly) developing third world won't be reined in by Kyoto. The growth rate oil consumption of China and, to a lesser extent, India, is off the charts. Oil = hydrocarbon = CO2 admissions when burned. The United States, with its bipartisan consensus in support of rejecting Kyoto is hardly the only impediment to full implementation of the goals enunciated by this treaty.

More importantly, are greenhouse gases even the predominant cause of global warming? Or is it: natural fluctuations in temperature cycles. Scientists believe that the earth was much much warmer 1000 years ago. The Vikings could cultivate crops of Greenland. There weren't a lot of SUV's, or buildings with central heating, back in Pepin The Short's day. So where was Tuvalu then? If it was underwater, then perhaps that's the natural state of Tuvalu's being. The 500-year period of 1400 to 1900 was also known as the "Little Ice Age." It was an extraordinarily deep trough in global temperatures. We only began maintaining temperature records in the late 1800s - at the tail end of the Little Ice Age. Of course temps are warmer now than they were then.

That's certainly not evidence that my SUV is sinking Tuvalu. And even if it were, well, I enjoy driving my Mitsubishi Montero Sport. More than I enjoy having a Tuvalu on the globe.
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