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ESPN gives credence to a bitter old man

I'm not a fan of the "journalism" at ESPN. Way too often, without provocation, ESPN's website loves to run tiresome stories shining the light on the "dark side" of America's love of sport.

Case in point: posting an AP wire story on Chuck Bednarik, a "hero" from the Philadelphia Eagles 1960 world championship, who's embittered about the Igs and is trying to impose his own little eternal curse on a relatively harmless pro sports franchise. The article tries to paint Bednarik as a victim of a greedy team owner who refused to share modern sports wealth with a hero of the past. A better and more realistic angle would've been this:

Old goat who never adjusted to the glory days ending tries to shake down Eagle team owner
Owner refuses, even though the total tribute demanded was a mere $1,500.00 (100 "books" to be bought at $15 bucks a pop).
Old goat makes his anti-Iggle bitterness an all-consuming life's work.

The reasons to pull for the Igs get longer and longer
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