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The Flying Lizards - "Russia"

To support my claim in the header that I listen to strange music, today's song of the day is "Russia," by The Flying Lizards, off their strange self-titled debut LP available via amazon at the exorbitant but, well worth it, price of $32.99 (Japanese import, the only legal/moral/ethical way to get this on CD nowadays).

The electro-new-wave-pop Flying Lizards were ostensibly a group, but were really a Brit named David Cunningham. Their spartan, female-voiced remake of "Money (That's What I Want)," a song the Beatles famously covered, got some airplay on college radio in 1979/1980. I heard it often on the then-great WRAS, the Georgia State station we listened to religiously in my circle of friends in Atlanta at that time. "Russia" was the most compelling song on the disc, with the chorus meant to capture the spirit of the gulag: "I must explain / I'm not complaining / I'm just having fun."
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