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Good news on DADT

The Washington Post is reporting that separations from military service of gay/lesbian soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines under the Bill Clinton era "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy have dropped to an all-time low. This is good news for multiple reasons.

First, in our high-tech military, the training costs associated with each soldier are enormous. We cannot afford to lose even one soldier because of antiquated notions regarding the consequences of consensual, non-harmful off-duty conduct. Surrendering to irrational prejudice has additional costs and, given our current technology-driven military structure, the price is way too high to pay.

Second, given that 80 percent of the discharges under DADT are from voluntary admissions of homosexuality, DADT serves as a "get out of jail free card" for soldiers who want to end their military assigments early. Homosexual status should never be a means for someone to singled out for negative treatment, nor should it be a basis for more favorable treatment.

Finally, any homosexual soldier/sailor/marine/airman who is so motivated to serve this country that they are willling to voluinteer for military service in the face of DADT should be allowed to continue in their service without the paranoia induced by having this guillotine blade hanging of their heads.

It's good news that DADT enforcement is on the decline, but a better approach would be to scrap it altogether, and simply enforce the anti-fraternization rules that any member of the military engaged in same-sex sexual conduct on military premises (or heterosexual sex with a fellow soldier, for that matter) be subject to immediate discharge. The media keeps bringing up the gay Arab linguists as being an example of the irrationality of DADT. No, it wasn't. That was an example (in at least some of the instances) of the rules being properly enforced as two linguists were found in the same room at an impermissible time. Even with the critical need in the military for Arabic speakers, this rule must be enforced. If not, that is the risk to morale and combat readiness. Not gay status and not homosexual off-duty, off-base conduct.
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