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The Grass Roots - "Glory Bound"

An applicable choice for Super Bowl Sunday, a chestnut from Rob Grill and the Grass Roots, "Glory Bound." Someone, either the Igs or the Pats, is "glory bound" today. I hope it's the men wearing that weird bluish-gray shade of green, but I fear it'll be one more from the men in that irritating "not in our house" Visa commercial.

This one is from the only Grass Roots CD you need (and, truth be told, can justify owning), their All Time Greatest Hits. On the sale for $11.29 at the wonderful site.

This is one of the few "bubblegum" groups of the early 70s whose music holds up to today. "Live for Today" and "Midnight Confessions" really. Yeah, you can listen to old Osmond or Bobby Sherman records if you got 'em, but the only justification would be a nostalgia trip or for the ironic "hoot" factor. And if you're going to buy a Grass Roots CD, beware. There are some "re-recorded" packages out there that even the allmusic site does not identify. The re-recorded versions are lifeless and flat. Make sure you've got the real deal.
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