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Harry Reid: Torture Victim

I have no doubt that Harry Reid is a good person. He has been a good father to some great sons who are contributing mightily to the State of Nevada and beyond.

That said: as the Senate Democratic leader, Harry Reid from a tiny town called Searchlight, Nevada, may be in over his head. Exhibit 12: his Senate colleagues are defending him against comments allegedly eminating from the Bush administration, with uber-mediocre Dick Durbin likened the treatment of Reid to a prison at Abu Ghraib! We all know that the Dems think Abu Ghraib was indistinguishable from Saddam's torture chambers, and perhaps even Auschwitz. So a low-level Bush administration flunky says some bad things about Harry Reid from a tiny town called Searchlight, Nevada, and Dick Durbin thinks it's the moral equivalent of Saddam's mass graves, rape rooms and human shredders?

Got perspective, Dems?

Addendum: See captainsquarters for a more detailed discussion on what set the Dems off. Hint: the Bush administration resorted to Marianas trench-low, hardball tactic of discussing the voting record of one Sen. Harry Reid (from the tiny town of Searchlight, Nevada). The horror. The horror. Do the Dems purposefully want to project an image of softness and wimpiness. Is Hillary the only Senate Dem with a pair?
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