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Hockey the Resurrection

The AP is reporting that NHL may be getting ready to resuscitate the 2004-2005 NHL season, which, though declared brain dead after several months in a chronic vegetative state, may rise like Lazarus (or a brain-eating zombie from a George Romero flick) from the morgue prior to official burial.

Addendum: Now ESPN is reporting that the season is on the verge of being declared "on," as the sides have reached an agreement. This followed reports/rumors earlier in the day the NHL Players Association union was badly split and basically broken.

Addendum II: Still no reports as to whether anyone (or at least any one south of the 49th parallel) cares. Finding that (apocryphal?) person could take longer than it will for O.J. to find the real killer. Or M.J. (the K of P) the real molester.
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