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Hypocrisy Watch: the Oscar night goody-bag

We know from the Jeff Gannon "scandal" that the absolute wrost crime that anyone could ever possibly commit is "hypocrisy." Hypocrisy alone, in the eyes of some, is enough to justify the rudest, most unseemly invasions of privacy one can imagine. So let's start a Hypocrisy Watch fearture right here! Let's do!

Today's "outing" of hypocrisy: the $32,000 Oscar night "gift bag" given to multi-millionaire celebrities at the Oscar presentation extravaganza. Correct if I'm wrong, but don't you think that some of the people demanding these expensive little baubles may also have been screeching that the money used to pay for President Bush's inaugural festivities should have gone to tsunami victims? There's still poor and unfortunate people who could use a year's income's worth of goodies themselves, I'm not the only one noticing.

Disclaimer: In all seriousness, I have nothing against hypocrisy. I'm a hypocrite, at times. I think hypocrisy is what the greases the wheels of civilization, as one's private behavior (and misbehavior) will always fall short of one's publicly-stated standards. So, by pointing out others' hypocriusy, even though I allow myself to be a hypocrite, that makes me a double-reverse triple-axle hypocrite in a pike-position. And so what?
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