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Jokes I need to steal, part 1

Two great jokes in this ostensibly anti-Instapundit posting. The reference to snorting coke of a hooker's hindquarters? Yaaaaawwwwnnnnn. Dwarf tossing at #9? How 1993. But, the post is classic for two jokes.

1. Writing over top of a picture of Glenn Reynolds (in blood red pixels no less!) the number 6666. Four 6's! Why? As the author of the post ("Amish") states, "The extra 6 is for extra evil." Classic.

2. Reason #5 as to why Prof. Reynolds is evil: "He once linked to a blogger in Reno just to watch his server crash." I hear the train a-coming! Why is it that out-of-context Johnny Cash lines are always great humor? Without fail.

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