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João Gilberto - "Aguas de Março"

It's a nasty, rainy, and kinda flood-y day here in normally sunny Las Vegas. Perfect weather for the chipper "Aguas de Março" by João Gilberto to be today's song o' the day.

There are two giants of Brasil's wonderful bossa nova beat. There is the orchestral Anotnio Carlos Jobim and the relaxed guitar of João Gilberto. "Aguas de Março," translated to "Waters of March," brings the two giants together to form one of the definitive tracks of the history of Brazilian bossa. João's lazy half-sung, half-whispered, barely audible vocals work perfectly well on this Jobim-penned track that's been covered by just about every contemporary on the Brazilian jazz scene.

I love bossa nova. It's one of the great sounds of the last century. Please forgive the originators of this sound for having their basic conventions adapted and over-processed to form that most mid-century of musics, MUZAK.

The CD simply titled João Gilberto, which leads off with this track, is João at his best. It's relatively hard to find, though. Amazon is charging an arm, two legs, and a left kidney for it. Look around, you'll find it cheaper.

One last point. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that "bossa nova" translates to "new bulge" or "new swelling." Those crazy Brazilians.
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