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Kate Bush - "Suspended in Gaffa"

Both music critics and her fans concur that the fourth Kate Bush LP, The Dreaming, is her weakest. I dissent.

It sits dead center in her productive. Three releases come before it; three releases of original material come afterward. Yes, it is a transition piece, but as such it includes the best elements from both phases of her career: the original voice of the first, with the histrionics now downplayed effectively, combined with the layering and detail of her latter work. Before The Dreaming, her material was simplistic and only as good as the songwriting. After, the songs became a bit too weighty and leaden. To take the analogy she used very effectively in her only American Top 40 hit, the first three LPs were running up that hill, the last three were moving back down. Although there are many great songs on either side, The Dreaming is the pinnacle among the whole albums.

My favorite is "Suspended in Gaffa," which uses the imagery of "gaffa tape," an industrial tape used to tape down cords, etc., on a concert stage, to indicate being trapped or restrained from doing what one is drawn to do. I suppose it could have been called "Suspended in Duct Tape," a title which would have made more sense to the general audience, but Kate went with what she knew. It's the song o' the day.
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