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Los Lobos - "Angels with Dirty Faces"

I don't know what my favorite sounding song from my favorite sounding Los Lobos album (Kiko) is all about. But "Angels with Dirty Faces" is the song o' the day.

The sentiment captured by the title phrase would seem to be about the inherent imperfections of those of us who nevertheless seek to do good in the world. The lyrics don't point to that interpretation, but they're not inconsistent with it, either. It definitely doesn't seem to be a plot summary of the
1938 Humphrey Bogart flick of the same name, which was a New York based movie about the tension between reunited childhood friends, one a gangster, one a priest. Despite the syncopated jazz beat, there's a real old west feel to this song. Bottom line: it Is a great piece of early 90s pop music.

And don't forget that Los Lobos was a great pop band. They knew how to write a catchy song. On Kiko (which amazon is selling for only
$10.99 , only three dollars more than alldirect), they experimented wildly, with sounds that could have come from anytime in the last 80 years of pop music. Yet it all sounded fresh. A wonderful CD that doesn't sound like any other CD, not even like any other Wolves' record.
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