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P.M. Dawn - "Paper Doll"

The song o' the day is catchiest track off the verbosely-named debut CD by New Jersey-based psychedelic soul hip hop brothers known as P.M. Dawn. From its name alone, it is evident that ordinary early 90s hip hop is not to be found on Of the Heart, Of the Soul, and Of the Cross: The Utopian Experience (on the sale, from [where else?] alldirect for the deep discount price of $7.99 - they're pracftically giving the thing away).

Although it got glowing reviews, this CD is something of a derivative album, a slightly more downbeat edition of rapping neo-hippies De La Soul. On later CD's, Jesus Wept and (if y'think Of the Heart, etc., was a long name, dig this) Dearest Christian, I'm So Very Sorry for Bringing You Here. Love, Dad they abandoned hip hop conventions (e.g., the continual references to the group name - name one Beatle tune where they brag about being the d*mn Beatles). Instead, they adopted an almost chant-like whispery vocal which somehow sounded like a direct lineal descendent of the great Prince. (Prince was always trying to incorporate hip hop and rap into his 90s music. He should have fired his in-house rapper Tony M. and collaborated with the Cordes brothers. That would have been a sock-knocker-off-er.)

The poppiest track was the second single "Paper Doll." Much preferable to the #1 single that heavily sampled Spandau Ballet's weak (but chart conquering) "True."
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