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Progress on Fish's baseball-only park

The blog-gods are trying to prevent me from commenting on the Florida Marlins. This post has been deleted twice before I've had a chance to save it.

Anyway, this looks to be a very promising development for us Florida Marlins fans. The Baseball Fish have reached an agreement with the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County over six-sevenths of the cost of a baseball-only ballpark to be located in the City of Miami. The State of Florida still needs to pony up the remaining one-seventh for this to happen.

The Marlins need to get out from underneath Huizenga's Legacy, a killer lease deal left when Huizenga sold the team that is crippling the Fish financially. Given their base in Latin-flavored, baseball-mad South Florida, this should be one of baseball's flagship franchises.

Plus, another advantage of basing the stadium in the City of Miami is that the team likely will change its name to what it should have been all along, the Miami Marlins. Given that Miami is the recognized cultural and financial capital of Latin America, marketing the "Miami" name should be easier and this team should take its rightful place as the home team for a hemisphere (Western). Besides, except for the various Minnesota franchises, shouldn't all teams be named for their home cities, not states. State names are for college sports; city names are for the pros.

And despite wasting a boatload of cash on the overrated, declining and just plain anti-American Carlos Delgado, this team should dominate its division for the foreseeable future. (Why will Delgado be on-a-bore useless in Pro Player? That's another post.) As long as it can keep together its Josh Beckett-based pitching staff and its stellar up-the-middle defense (especially CF Juan Pierre and SS Alex Gonzalez, two of the most exciting non-Cardinals to watch play in baseball). A new stadium deal should make this goal much more attainable.
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