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Roxy Music - "Take a Chance with Me"

Off 1982's Avalon, the last record of original material from Roxy Music, the song o' the day is the plaintive "Take a Chance with Me." Sexual desperation never sounded so good! Or so cool.

Roxy Music was grounded in early 70s artsy/glam rock, with a bit of the "do it yourself" ethic thrown in for good measure. The occasionally could put forth a great song (see, e.g., "Love Is the Drug"), but generally got progressively duller and duller as their homebase-scene faded into rock history. Then, almost out of nowhere, came the sleek, sophisticated, almost jazzy Avalon. It's a similar transformation to what Bowie was experiencing a short time later when he developed his "normal man" persona for the Let's Dance LP. Both were music by and for grown-ups. The only differences are (1) the quality of the songs and (2) Bowie worked a more overtly pop-rock vein, while Roxy Music developed a jazz-pop sound that Sade would take up the charts so successfully two years later.
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