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Spandau Ballet - "Lifeline"

Thus endeth February's big box o' new CDs. IT ends with Gold: the Best of Spandau Ballet. And, no, the best of Spandau Ballet is not a CD-single of the ballad "True," a Top Five hit that's real purpose in the history of rock 'n roll was to be the foundation upon which P.M. Dawn built its Number One, "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss."

I owned one Spandau Ballet LP: True. And getting one on CD is about the maximum capacity of Spandau Ballet that anyone should have in his or her CD collection. This is a good one to have as the one. But whichever is the one one gets, "Lifeline" is essential. It's their catchiest song. It should've been the American Top Five single, not the sappy ballad.

Still, at 17 tracks, Gold may be just a little too much Spandau Ballet. Track 15, "Fight for Ourselves" is hilariously bad. It has got to be the wussiest, sissiest, most girly-man-ish call to arms ever recorded in the history of rock 'n roll.[FN1] Not unlike when George Michael, in his
Wham! incarnation, was singing about "Bad Boys," as if he were one!

Alldirect lists Gold as out of stock. I must've grabbed the last one. The price is listed as $11.35, but, if none are in stock, what difference does it make it they say the price is five cents or $6,709.23 each? Amazon is selling it for, what a shock, five dollars more than the price listed on alldirect.
[Footnote 1] I am not making a comment on the collective sexual orientation of Spandau Ballet. I am assuming they are pure hetero, otherwise my wussy/sissy comment would be interpretable as homophobia. I have no reason to question that they're not the women-loving men they portray in their songs. But, then again, when George Michael was singing "I Want Your Sex," I genuinely believed he was dating female super-models. So my judgment is not the most impeccable on this score.
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