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Super Bowl XXXIX prediction

My heart says (screams, actually) Eagles,

My head says Patsies.

I'll be rooting whole-heartedly for the Iggles. And not just out of residual pan-Pennsylvania loyalty.

That said: never bet against the champs until they stop being the champs. It could happen. The Marlins could beat the Yanks. But it is extremely rare for a quarterback who has won multiple Super Bowls to go out and lose one. Roger Staubach is the only one I can think of who did that. Not only had Staubach lost his second Super Bowl before winning his second, he was going up against the great Steel Curtain team that was quarterbacked by a multiple Super Bowl winner.

Tom Brady is not the great of quarterback. All he does well is win. Like Troy Aikman. Who also won three Super Bowls without ever losing - even with the millstone of Barry Switzer around his neck for Super Bowl XXX (which would make a great name for a locker room based porn flick, if you're into that sort of thing).

The Patriots aren't invincible. They nearly lost last year's Super Bowl to the Carolina Panthers (and the Panthers would've taken the game into OT, with momentum, but for an unfortunate choke on the kick-off with 1:08 left in the 4th quarter). The '04 Igs are better than the '03 Panthers. The '04 Patriots, with their depleted secondary, shouldn't be as good as the the '03 model. Still ...

Head beats heart in this particular rock/paper/scissors game. Patriots 17, Eagles 13.
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