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Swing Out Sister - "The Kaleidoscope Affair"

Back to the big box o' new CD's for the song of the day. We're getting near the bottom of the box, which should not to be confused with the bottom of the barrel, as the two remaining CD's should be great.

From those sophisticated jazz-poppers Swing Out Sister, its quasi-semi-title track "The Kaleidoscope Affair," from their second/third release, The Kaleidoscope World. Available where? Alldirect! Available how? On the sale! For the shockingly low price of $6.63. At that rate, I should've bought two!

This is yet another sweeping, cinematic instrumental. It sounds like it should be playing over the closing frames of some 1960s spy-romance (before the 1960s morphed into "the Sixties, man"), where the hero is driving off in a small convertible, with a shapely brunette, who's got that scarf tied round her face fashion statement going on, driving along the Mediterranean coast to, who knows? Sardinia?

Addendum: Why do I call The Kaleidoscope World the second/third release from SOS? Their first release, Another Non-Stop Sister, was a non-starter and is likely owned by no one save for the band's immediate family. The classic It's Better to Travel is generally perceived as their debut because, for music fans, it served that purpose. Thus, its follow-up, their third release, seems as if it were a sophomore effort.
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