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TB Lightning keep Stanley Cup for one more year

The longest death watch since Francisco Franco is over. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has officially euthanized the 2004-2005 hockey season. Predictably, the players were quick to release a statement that a deal "could have been" reached. Yeah, if the team owners capitulated to the union's offer.

It seemed like every day for the last three months Bettman was releaseing a statement that he was on the verge of cancelling the season. Tomorrow. The next day. This time we're serious. This time we're really serious. Fingers uncrossed. Well, the lethal injection has finally been given.

And does anyone care? On Google News, the top sports story was "
Tiger Woods looks to end hometown tournament jinx." Baseball had stopped being the national pastime long before the 1994 strike, yet fans were devastated. If the Super Bowl were ever threatened with cancellation, every town in America would like Fallujah there would be such serious rioting and unrest. Cancel the hockey season? It's the moral equivalent of a town losing its arena league franchise. And that's what should really frighten owners and players alike.

Addendum: ESPN, given that it's business is sports, is pretending that people actually care. Catch this unforgiveable little bit of melodrama:

The reverberations of the announcement could be felt across North America. From the owners and the players all the way down to the janitors, beer vendors and parking lot attendants. From the sportswriters to the P.R. people to the 9-year-old fan wondering when he'll be able to attend his next NHL game.

(Emphasis added).

Where to begin? Reverberations? Did you feel them? I didn't. I once felt a magnitude 6 earthquake epicentered near Bishop, California. Just felt like a slow roll. But I didn;t feel any reverberations eminating out of Gary Bettman in New York. But what's up with the 9-year-old idiocy? Is this writer so used to the free ticket gravy train that he's so completely lost touch with his senses? The NHL's problem is mainly that the salary structure is so out-of-whack that ticket prices have gone through the roof. Unless that 9-year-old is a child actor starring in a Hollywood blockbuster, he can't afford to go to an NHL game. He hasn't been able to afford to go since well before the time when they stopped playing NHL hockey in Quebec, Winnipeg and metropolitan Hartford. He's been pining for the chance to attend an NHL hockey game since well before he was born. The strike hasn't limited him one darn bit.
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