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Thompson Twins - "Lies"

I continue to work my way through the big box o' new CD's from alldirect, allowing myself to hear only one new CD per day, so that the excitement lasts.

The first disc I pulled out of the box was on the sale at alldirect for the bargain price of $9.34, Quick Step & Side Kick from that interracial trio whimsically named the Thompson Twins. For its original U.S. LP release, the record's name was truncated to Sidekicks, and the track sequencing was altered. The CD release features the original intended sequencing and four bonus tracks, which means you get two renditions of the best TTT song of them all: "Lies."

Favorite anecdote about this song. It was probably around 1983. I was driving around Ithaca, New York, where radio reception (and programming quality) was always spotty. I was listening to some Top 40 station. Maybe it was the only station that was coming in. It was playing the Kenny Rogers / Sheena Easton duet of Bob Seger's "We've Got Tonight." Why I didn't just turn off the radio I don't know. Anyway, the song gets to the Sheena part. She's singing the second verse: "Deep in my soul / I've been so lonely / All of my hopes / Fading away." Then immediately another station's signal is taking over the radio and all of the sudden the Thompson Twins are singing "Lies lies lies yea-ah / Lies lies lies yea-ah." One of the funniest things I've ever heard on the radio.
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