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Ultravox - "Your Name (Has Slipped My Mind Again)"

I'm currently listening to the penultimate CD from the big box o' new CDs. It's one of the few legitimate landmarks in the history of recorded pop, the legendary Dusty in Memphis from the founder of Led Zeppelin, Miss Dusty Springfield. There will be multiple songs from this re-release classic, with approximately 6,408 bonus tracks added [actual number: 14!]. But it will take a more careful consideration.

So, instead, today's song o' the day is the concluding track from one of my favorite LPs of the 1980's, Rage in Eden from Ultravox. Ultravox went through many incarnations in their career, but the four-disc stretching marking the period of MIdge Ure domination of this group, from 1980's Vienna to 1984's Lament, was their peak. The allmusic site dismissed Rage in Eden as "pretentious and unwieldy." Yeah, and their point is? Underneath the self-conscious artiness and the smug literary references is some great hook-laden synth-driven dance pop. The spare "Your Name (Has Slipped My Mind Again," with a slow drum beat serving as the melody was a provocative way to end an otherwise hard-driving record.

It's the final track on the LP only. The CD release has four bonus tracks of varying quality tacked on to the end. None make you wonder why it was left off the original LP release.
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