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Ward Churchill: CU faculty, please make 'em stop

According to wretchard at the Belmost Club, the faculty at the University of Colorado are begging the citizenry of State of Colorado to please allow the Centennial State's flagship university to slide down to national laughingstock status. All over a phoney con "artist" named Ward Churchill.

While Churchill may be the pride and joy of Sangamon State (his alma mater), but he's an idiot and a fraud.

He has no academic credentials justifying a tenured position at a major American university (albeit Big 12).

He lied about being an American Indian (aka Native American). He was even ordered to stop selling his art as Native American art.

Oh, and about that art, copied. Plagiarized. Fake.

And apparently at his pep rallies, he is claiming that his "ninth amendment" rights trumps the "first amendment" right of every other American. Ninth amendment! Y'know, the ones not expressly given to the federal government are retained by the people. I guess he's got the opinion that he has the right to harass people (and use his position as a government employee) to deny others the right to speak. Yes, there is no right to have the private sector recognize your free speech rights. You don't need a ninth amendment to conclude that. (And it's not in the ninth amendment as, I suppose, a state theoretically could pass a law requiring the private sector to recognize free speech rights) . Someone get this man a copy of the constitution.

The faculty are demanding that all investigations into this fraud cease. According to the denverchannel:
The 200 faculty members' statement defends Churchill's "right to speak what
he believes to be the truth" based on academic freedom rules designed to prevent
faculty members from being fired for unpopular views.

Think they would think that way about a professor who said that there may be a genetic reason why women do not reach the pinnacle of academia in mathematics and sciences?

In addition to be an idiot and fraud Churchill is a coward and a bully. No way he'd face critics head on, only from within the comfortable confines of his academic cocoon. The rest of the academy enjoys the comforts of that cocoon and are rushing to defend this rotten S.O.B. Fortunately, the Churchill scandal may be enough that, if allowed to fester, could bring down the whole rotten stinkin' system of left-wing polemics masquerading as scholarship, of the most vile hateful leftist speech being absolutely protected and, indeed, insulated from critique, while even moderate conservative, mainstream opinions are shouted down as hate speech, and even of affirmative action hiring based on self-declared admission to an under-repreesented group.

May every day be Columbus Day for you, Churchill, you fraud.
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