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Wendy & Lisa - "Waterfall"

I continue to work my way through my big box o’ new CD’s. Today, I pulled out the Prince protoges Wendy & Lisa, and their self-titled debut CD, on the sale for the extreeeeme bargain price of $6.65 from the essential So what else could be today's song o' the day than the single from this record, "Waterfall."

There's an undeniable (oxymoron alert!) languid energy to this track. You really do feel like your rollin' rollin' on the river, which would make it essential that you heed the sage words of Ms. Melvoin and Ms. Coleman to watch out when you're headed for that waterfall.

Is this the best Prince spin-off? It's more "Phyllis" to Sheila E. (see The Glamorous Life) as "Rhoda," to use a Minneapolis metaphor. But, c'mon. Cloris Leachman and "Phyllis" were pretty darn entertaining for awhile.
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