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What if Wonkette were the one dying?

I know, not a very nice sentiment from me.

A lot of blogs that I enjoy reading (and respect) hold Wonkette in contempt. I don't read the woman. The few times I checked out her blog she was't saying anything I found interesting and she wasn't saying it in a way that I found particularly readable. But I didn't understand the hostility directed toward what I considered to be a rather empty vessel.

Now I understand.

I was following a link on the protein wisdom site (is that one of the blogs I was referencing in paragraph 2) that was to given me her impression on the bounty that the left-o-blogs have placved on finding Jeff Gannon's sex partners (yup, that's really important). It took me to Wonkette's page. Below her publicizing the search for the man's sex partners, was this little distateful snippet about the pope's health problems, in which she is gleeful at the prospect of who gets to post the first obituary on then man I genuinely belive to be the greatest pope of the Church's Second Millennium. Here's what passes for "cute" in Wonkette's twisted world:

How many hundreds of journalists are crouched in a state of cat-like
readiness today, praying they'll be the first to publish a papal obituary? Ah,
journalism at its finest and most noble. Don't take any cigarette breaks kids,
ya might miss your moment.
Petty miserable thoughts from someone who must surely be a petty miserable person.

This pope's been called far worse by far worse people. Even in his current condition, he is fully capable of whatever this "Wonkette" woman can dish out.
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