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Bob Welch - "Ebony Eyes"

You ready for some 70s pop?

As cheesy as all good things from the 70s were, today's song o' the day is "Ebony Eyes," the second single pulled off the commercial breakhrough from ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist Bob Welch, his LP French Kiss. Incidentally, French Kiss is on the sale at at a price so cheap, it's as if they are paying you take it off their hands. It's a positive steal at $3.97.

Welch made the Pete Best Career Move of the 70s when he voluntarily left Fleetwood Mac right after they brought Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks on board, but just before they started recording their self-titled monster breakthrough Fleetwood Mac. Welch basically has his entire solo career in 1977 with French Kiss. I will always have a soft spot for this LP because the first record review I ever wrote was of this record, printed in my high school newspaper.

While the big hit "Sentimental Lady" is just a standard-issue ballad, "Ebony Eyes" is quite an interesting song. The chorus starts up after the short first verse jarringly soon. The bridge is haunting, but in an upbeat way. Very creative song. Of course, the rest of the disc is embarrasingly lame nearly 30 years in retrospection. Try not cringing for Bob when you listen to "Danchiva" or "Outskirts." In all fairness, Bob very likely was ingesting massive amounts of narcotics, so I'm guessing he had no clue.
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