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Boomtown Rats - "The Elephant's Graveyard"

I buy a lot of CD's. Before that, I bought a lot of LP's. Many times I've bought a record, listened to it a few times, and then would never listen to it again. Maybe I didn't like it; maybe it just left no impression either way. Occasionally I've pulled out records that have been languishing for 10 years or so, listen to them with open ears, and think: Wow! Why haven't I been listening to this record all these years?

Probably the single record that I've owned that made the biggest leap -- from completely and totally disliking to absolutely loving -- after lying dormant in my album collection for well over 10 years -- is the critically abused LP from the Boomtown Rats' album catalog, Mondo Bongo. Even before head Rat Bob Geldof became the hero of famine relief, music critics generally liked their literate, cynical DIY pop. Until their fourth record. Critics dismissed Mondo Bongo as a failed, over-reaching attempt at posturing within a number of disparate musical genres, such as ska and mambo. At the time of the release, I was put off by the faux Latin beat.

But after letting some time pass, and not wondering why there's no pogo-pop like "She's Like Modern," I grew to appreciate the quality of the songs of this record. My favorite is "The Elephant's Graveyard," which seems to be about the travails in an upscale, seniors resort in a third world country. Or maybe not. Regardless, song o' the day.
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