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Celebrity justice in Santa Barbara County

The Michael Jackson trial is an interesting peek into the criminal justice that does warrant some media attention. It's worth a little TV news coverage (albeit not cable news wall-to-wall) when there's an especially high level of Jacko weirdness.

Yesterday was one such day.

Jackson arriving in court, late, clad in pajama bottoms and slippers, and appearing more drugged out than an ex-New York Jets QB wanting a kiss from an evil she-bitch of a sideline reporter[*] (for example). Judge Rodney Melville appears finally to be losing patience with Jackson unilaterally dictating the trial schedule and starting times. A few more instances like this and perhaps Judge "Ito" Melville will crack down.

Unlike most criminal defendants, Jackson gets to show up when he wants. He gets doctor breaks on his whim. It will be interesting to see if Jackson truly exceeds the permissible bounds of celebrity justice and gets treated from this point forward as an ordinary criminal defendant, rather than a celebrity playing one on TV. This is a lesson in whether there is truly equal justice, or whether economic circumstances dictate the level of justice a defendant will receive.

For this reason, this trial is worth a little attention, perhaps one news story a day and a TV news feature ever few days. That, and the human freak show circus that is the once King of Pop.

Footnote: [*] Part of the mission of this blog is to spread the word that ABC-TV's MNF sideline reporter Suzy Kolber is bad people. Any opportunity to spread this word will be taken, even if it is an out-of-place non sequitut in a Jacko rant. By the way, any insinuation that she is "an evil she-bitch from hell" has nothing to do with the Namath incident (even though we love Joe-Willy for the simple reason that we share a hometown). Kolber's status as an " ESBfH" is pure opinion (thus not defamation) based on her rude dissing of the teenage daughter of an NFL executive we like here at this blog.
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