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The complete "Wonderfalls" on DVD


I have now watched the complete 13-episode Wonderfalls DVD, listened to all the commentary tracks, and sampled all of the special features (including multiple viewings of the theme song music video). I am ready to render my verdict. Buy early and buy often.

The final episode ("Caged Bird") functioned well as an end of series wrap-up. It also would have worked as great jumping-off point for a Season Two but, alas, there was to be none. As with life, there was no resolution. Jaye (played by the lovely Caroline Dhavernas) never learned why she the inaminate animals were speaking to her (other than the cryptic "because you listen") in Episode 11, "Cocktail Bunny"). She's reached a truce (as opposed to peace) with the voices; the love life issue has been clarified.

The episodes became more dramatic as the series wore on. I think the producers started with a madcap farce to try to hook viewers in, with a bait-n-switch to more spiritual drama as you progressed deeper into the show. The dialog was still crisp. Fun aplenty. But it grew deeper. And still worked. Except for that awful over-stylized noir-esque "Crime Dog" episode. That one didn't work.

Watching these episodes each evening is one reason for ignoring this blog for one week plus. When I would get home from the office, I wanted to watch the next episode, to see the plot advance further. I can't wait for rerun season.
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