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Concrete Blonde - "Heal It Up"

I never would want to own a whole Concrete Blonde CD. I do own their "greatest hits," Recollection: The Best of Concrete Blonde, and even that (18 tracks!) is way too much Johnette Napolitano. They have some great, punked-out power-pop tunes, such as "Joey," "Walking in London," and "Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man" (in which Napolitano actually demonstrates a clever sense of humor). But too much of their material is just postured anger and tuneless, rapid-fire guitaristry. Not my scene.

My favorite is the achingly desperate "Heal It Up," where Napolitano wrings maximum impact from her very limited vocal skills. It's the best of the five or six reasons there is to own Recollection. It's, also, song o' the day for the Ides of March 2005.
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