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Condi '08! It's never too early

Drudge is reporting that the Washington Times is reporting that . . . Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is not ruling out running for the president in 2008.

Unfortunately, she also comes out as mildly pro-choice on abortion. But that's OK. I can live with that, given the current state of the world. I am strongly pro-life. But the most important life-affirming issue right now - and for the foreseeable future - is winning the War on Terror.

Abortion has been taken out of the political realm by the Supreme Court and even Reagan appointees are loathe to overturn Roe v. Wade. So, this pro-life Republican will support either of two pro-choice Republicans likely to run in '08: Condi Rice or Rudy Giuliani. Don't care which end is up on that ticket. But absent a run by my current hero, The Donald Rumsfeld (who really will be too old to be president by 2008), there are no other candidates who would be better at fighting this war to victory.

So Condi/Rudy or Rudy/Condi, either way, America cannot lose (but the terrorists can).
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