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Condi cancels trip to New Belgium

Add another to the group of fake friends those high-heeled boots of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice were made to walk all over. Add the country that I like to call "New Belgium," formerly known as "Canada."

Condi has cancelled a planned trip to the Great Smug North (home to the most insufferably smug people of the planet) due to a "scheduling conflict." The scheduling conflict is apparently that she has no time for false friends that take U.S. money and backstab this country in return. As with the recent cancellation of a trip to Egypt, this was a "scheduling conflict" meant to send a message. American/Canadian relations are once again on the rocks over the decision of Canadian PM Paul Martin (whose slogan is "now with only half the duplicity of Jean Chr├ętien") to pull New Belgium f/k/a Canada out of the anti-ballistic missile defense shield program. As with all things military, New Belgium[*] is trying to free-ride on American defense spending, confident that all military needs will be met by Washington without any financial role played by this former power.

It's great that our head diplomat continues to communicate the position of the American government forcefully and effectively.

Footnote: [*] Canada henceforth shall be known as "New Belgium" because a country that was once a critical ally in fighting World War I and World War II has allowed its military might to become so atrophied that, militarily, it is more on par with a little bicultural nullity like Belgium. Other names considered and rejected were "Big Belgium," "the western suburbs of Belgium," "Belgium's hockey-mad western province," and "Belgium on Steroids."
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