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Cuts like a knife

Typing is a thoroughly unpleasant experience with a big huge honkin' bandage on the middle finger of one's dominant hand. Yesterday, the super-sized extend-o-finger bandage was replaced by a more manageable, regular ol' off-the-shelf model Band-Aid brand bandage. Typing is still difficult, but this better.

The super-sized extend-o-finger bandage reminded of a skit from the old In Living Color TV show that was popular in my law school days, where Keenan Ivory Wayans would play Arsenio Hall. (History lesson: Arsenio had a talk show in syndication back then that not only was trez popular, but was downright trend-setting.) Wayans played Arsenio was an extra-long digit (can't remember if it was a middle finger or index finger).

Don't know why; don't care. It was funny. When it was Keenan Ivory Wayans playing Arsenio. Significantly less funny when it's one's own finger. Even more significantly less funny when it's the result of cutting a gash in one's finger cleaning a kitchen knife.
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