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Guilty pleasure Saturday: Donna Summer - "Hot Stuff"

Guity pleasures don't get any guiltier than a "bad girl" song from Donna Summer.

The only time I listen to my Donna Summer Anthology CD is, once a year, when I driving either to, or back from, Arizona. At 34 tracks, it's definitely more Donna Summer than any one CD collection needs. But the essential tracks from the original Disco Diva #1 are scattered over too many records not to get this one. The best track is "Hot Stuff," where Donna "rocks out." Of course that's relatively speaking, as we're talking about a hardcore dance track that sports rock trappings. Guilty pleasure song o' the day.

Special bonus: When driving home tonight from Surprise, Arizona, the spring training home of the Texas Rangers (and K.C. Royals, too), I ate dinner at a Del Taco in lovely downtown Kingman, Arizona. I don't know whether I heard soem brand new way-cool teen slang, or the counter girl was simply clueless, but either way I'm going to start using this hip new expression that I picked up in hip-happening K-town, A.Z. When the counter girl needed a co-employee to sign something (I thin it was for his meal), she asked him for his "Herbie Hancock." Not John. Herbie.

I'm thinking she's too young to know who Herbie Hancock really is. And the "urban dictionary" doesn't list "Herbie Hancock" as an acceptable synonym for "John Hancock." And the girl clearly wasn't asking the Del Taco boy to play jazz keyboards for his chicken cheddar quesadilla. So, I'm thinking the kids in Kingman are just way ahead of their time in coining hip teen slang.
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