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Guilty pleasure Saturday: Doobie Brothers - "Echoes of Love"

By the time they released Livin' on the Fault Line, Northern California's Doobie Brothers had ceased being a hard-rockin' biker band. You could call them "blue-eyed soul," I guess, but they were more like Steely Dan Lite, more jazz-rock than R&B, having metaphored into little more than back-up band for Michael McDonald.

Thankfully, there was still some valuable contributions from original member Patrick Simmons. Simmons may have not have been one of the more prolific members of the band, but he contributed a very disproportionate number of their most interesting and original numbers. He was the one responsible for their first number one, "Black Water." He also wrote the catchy, clever little ditty, "Echoes of Love," the highlight of this album.

Again, I don't know why this song was not a mega-hit. It should be covered over and over by harmony-based vocal groups. But it's a "guilty pleasure" due to the reputation of the McDonald-led Doobies, who would win Grammies with their next album, Minute by Minute, and its atrocious lead single "What a Fool Believes." That Grammy-winner was co-written by Kenny Loggins, sort of a Bad Housekeeping Seal of Disapproval for early 80s pop music.

The pretty good Livin' on the Fault Line, however, is available on the sale from alldirect for a mere $6.65. Such the bargain. At that price, it's definitely worth having as my only Doobie Brothers CD.
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