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Hundred Percenter Hissy-Fit

A blogger named "Malachy Joyce" is throwing a delinking hissyfit over at his/her "Hundred Percenter" blog, which is causing kerfuffles aplenty. See, e.g., here and here. The impetus of DelinkFest 2005 is Terri Schiavo. Hundred Percenter site (which I previously had never heard of, but, in fairness, I'm, sure this Malachy Joyce character has never heard of Blog Retrofuturistic) is jettisoning from his / her / their / its blog roll conservative-leaning blogs deemed insufficiently supportive of Terri Schiavo. As one commenter on stated, "As I understand it, the 'crime' in question was not supporting Every Possible Effort Maybe Even Including Sending In The National Guard, to save Terri Schiavo."

In a comment to protein wisdom's Jeff Goldstein, Malachy Joyce
remarked, "true conservatives support life, 100%." 100%. That's pretty strong. But does Malachy Joyce really believe it? I must admit that am a bit concerned about the credibility of that blog, as he/she/they/it had previously made a thinly-veiled anti-Semitic remark about Jeff Goldsten's "beenie" [sic] being "twisted" [sick]. I presume that to be a yarmulke reference of some sort. True conservatives are not anti-Semites.

I am conservative. I would like to believe I'm a "true" conservative, out of the Catholic strain of conservatism. I support life. 100%, generally (allowing the whole "just war" part of the equation). Does Malachy Joyce support the death penalty? Or is this person/thing/entity leading candlelight vigils at the Texas State Pen, singing hosannas to Justice Kennedy for striking down one application of the death penalty in his recent Roper opinion?

If this blogger isn't, then this 100% life proposition needs to be amended, perhaps to 85 or 90% "supportive of life." If this blogger recognizes the problems with claims of absolutism, as applied to life, death, and the death penalty, and that support for life isn't such a simplistic formulation, then perhaps a little humility with regard to
Instapundit, Little Green Footballs and maybe even protein wisdom is in order.
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