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Las Vegas's ugliest building to open

Two new buildings will soon be opening in Las Vegas. One enhances are great architecture panorama. The other is one of the ugliest buildings I've ever seen anywhere. One is on the Strip; the other in downtown. It's no shock that the prize is on the Strip and the punisher is in mistake-ridden downtown Las Vegas.

I think my town, Las Vegas, Nevada USA, is one of the architectural wonders of the world. So many fascinating structures in our ever-changing cityscape. The great addition is the new curving Wynn Las Vegas, which finally ends the reign of the "Y" shape for Strip hotels:

On the other hand, downtown's World Market Center furniture mart is a monstrosity and a catastrophe:

It is your basic socialist realism mega-box, with this giant half circle draped over the east and west sides from top to bottom. It's a train wreck (the picture fails to do it the proper injustice): two bad architectural ideas that get worse when added together.
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