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Leftists v. Wal-Mart

I side with: Wal-Mart!

They are probably the only full-line grocery store left in the Las Vegas market that doesn't require you to shop with one of those hellish "savings card," which really just means that you are assessed a surcharge by Smith's or Albertson's if you decline to surrender your privacy and allow them to build a database of your purchasing habits. But my hatred of the "savings card" system shall be left for another post.

The usual leftist suspects have forced Wal-Mart from opening a store inside the Five Boroughs, in Queens, forcing lower income bargain-hunters out to Long Island to find affordable prices. Here's a victory lap from an elitist lefty hatah acting contrary to the interests of the lumpenproletariat who likely has deluded himself into thinking he's looking out for the interests of the working class. Not only does he have contempt for Wal-Mart, but he must really despise the hordes pushed full shopping carts down suburban and rural Wal-Mart aisles (especially the Wal-Marts in Jesusland!).

Y'think he really does think that actual shoppers are the ones who demanded that New York say "no" to Wal-Mart, or is he savvy enough to realize that it was the typical lefty elites dictating their tastes to the general public, forcing the city government to decline to act in the true best interests of New York's working class? And he wonders why lower income continually refuse to see that their interests are aligned with the lefty elite. The lefty elitethinks they are acting in the best interests of the working class because they hate tax cuts, refuse to reform social security so that it exists come retirement time for folks under 40, and want tax dollars to fund NPR and other indecent art. The truth is, not only do they not share a shopping locale with the working class, but they don't even want to see the working class have their preferred store as an option.

I, on the other hand, love the idea that by shopping at Wal-Mart, I can now afford to buy box cereals again. I pay $2.89 for cereals that would be well over four bucks at the Albertson's. And look at the beef prices! And those little tubs of flavored Philadelphia brand cream cheese! And Breyer's ice cream, which I wish was a little more expensive so I could more easily avoid letting it into my shopping cart.

Say, maybe MoveOn is right. Maybe those Wal-Mart bargains aren't such a good thing after all.
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