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Martika - "Love Thy Will Be Done"

She had one great record in her and what a shock that it was a Prince song. Cuban-American songbird Marta Marrero, known by the mono-nom (how's that for a palindrome!) Martika. She wsa a mere teenager when she released her first album, with the awful bubblegum-flavored anti-drug wail "Toy Soldier." So it was a massive shock (and revelation) on her second English language release when she sang with smoldering sensuality on the Prince-penned "Love Thy Will Be Done."

Unlike every other female disciples of Prince, Martika captured both sides of the sensual Prince ont his song. Like Prince has pulled off for nearly 20 years, Martika she was able to capture both the sexual and the spiritual. Sexual pleasure and intimations of divine love conjoined in a single pop song. Others, such as Sheena Easton or Apollonia, captured only the sexual (on some really masterful pop songs). Others, such as the Bangles, only brought out fun-filled pop. Martike captures the full essence of Prince on this track.

Is it the best Prince song done by someone other than Prince? It's a candidate. It's, also, song o' the day.
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