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Michael Barone and the trust fund Left

More great analysis from Michael Barone, this time over at the realclearpolitics site.

Mr. Barone says that the "trustfunder left" reached critical mass in 2004 and now hold great sway as a wealthy interest group within the Democrat party. What a shock, then, that two trust-funders were the most influential Democrats last election cycle: John Kerry (whose only talent appears to be marrying well, and by that, I mean wealthy) and Howard Dean (a son of Park Avenue).

The trustfund left is concentrated in a few places. Its main effect is making blue states an even deeper shade of indigo. And the trustfund crowd is disproportionately hard left, showing no respect for work (they got their $$$ without money), hostility toward faith and patriotism, scorn and ignorance of the military (as no one they know serves/d) and with no sense of how wealth genuinely is created. Given that they already have theirs, they are downright hostile towards anyone who wants to be upwardly mobile, as they support job-killing environmental mandates and confiscatory taxation of income (as they don't even have to work for a living).

The Democrat party is being destroyed from within by three incredibly selfish sub-groups: the public employee unions, the grad student elite, and the trustfunders. These selfish narcissists have made the Democrat party hostile the wants and needs of ordinary workers.

The conquest of the labor movement by the public employees destroyed the connection between labor unions and blue collar workforce. Labor is now unconcerned with workers and, instead, is just another advocate for big government liberalism. Why? Bigger government = more jobs for public employee union members = more dues money. A simple transitive equation. If Labor cared about workers, they would be advocating a pro-worker agenda in favor of development, manufacturing, ANWR drilling, and investment incentives: a job creation agenda. That's not what the labor adjunct to the Democrat currently is demanding.

The grad student elite supplies the intellectual firepower, such as that may be, to the current Democrat party.

But the trustfunders are the most dangerous of these subgroups.

First of all, they tend to be, if not anti-American, then America-skeptical. This is the "blame America first" crowd that Jeanne Kirkpatrick so eloquently warned us about. I understand the cause of the rote anti-Americanism of the eurotrash cafe elite of Paris or Berlin: it's equal parts petty jealously and mindless fashion-driven conformist trend-mongering. I guess the anti-Americanism of our trustfunders stems from an insecure desire for conformity and not wanting to be embarrassed by the Euro-sophisticates while sipping espresso in Barcelona, or mountain climbing in Nepal, skiing in Vail or snorkeling off Belize. Oh the demands of such a busy lifestyle

And, as I said, these people are anti-work. They have no respect for those of us who must work. That's why they support high taxation of income. They're not earning a living, so why worry about those of us who must. They can support job-killing environment policies, because someone who doesn't need to work doesn't need to worry about losing his or her job. So let that factory close down. Better that than having to explain why Kyoto can't work to that Dutch / Canadian gay "married" couple you met in Aspen (or was it Costa Rica?).

Worst of all, they hate technology that can improve the lives of real people all over the globe. It's easy to be callous about using genetically-modified seed to feed more people in Africa when the only time you ever miss a meal is when you're trying to take five pounds off your own fat ass. When your major food worry is whether that trendy little bistro you ate at last week isn't quite as trendy today, then it's easy to protest against hybrid grains being introduced into the food chain.

As long as these anti-American, know-nothing, do-nothing snotty elitists have any sway over the Democrat (via the man they funded, Howard "good versus evil" Dean), the Democrats cannot be taken seriously as having any interest in improving the lot of real people in this country and elsewhere on this globe.
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