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More jobs for Nevada!

I just caught this posting from the Professor Bainbridge site about a plan by the California state legislature to export still more jobs to the greatest state in all of America: my home, Nevada. California is actually, seriously contemplating a plan to require employers offering dependent group health insurance coverage to cover adult children who still live at home!

Where to begin?

First of all, what part of "adult" doesn't California understand? Adult means adult: the parents aren't legally or morally responsible for these people, so why should the parents' employer?

Second, I'm guessing that the use of the phrase "cost/benefit analysis" constitutes a hate-crime under California law. What do they think the effect will be on California jobs? I got a one-word answer: Nevada. You want a second word? Utah. A third? Idaho.

The cost of insuring workers in California will skyrocket. What's a dependent adult? Is it an adult still living at home? How are you going to prove that the "primary residence" for the adult child isn't the parents' home? Midnight raids? Bedroom cams monitored through the night? I know, that for purposes of obtaining insurance, a lot of California parents are going to claim that their children primarily live at home and that the kid's apartment in downtown San Francisco ten minutes from the office is only a weekend vacation getaway.

California is the type of place that's filled with leftists who think that electricity comes from outlets. Their electricity crisis a few years was caused by NIMBY environmentalists (emphasis on the "mental") who wanted cheap power, but no power plants. Anywhere. Of any kind, except maybe solar panels on the roof (although how the solar panels were to be manufactured would probably cause problems for them, too). Same with jobs. Just as the left wing fringe that runs the Golden State doesn't draw the connection between power plants and power, there's no concept that employment is created by employers.

California is doing OK still. But you wanna know it's future? Upstate New York. Upstate New York is a beautiful place filled with intelligent, generally hard-working people. Economically, it's dead. It is no more. Killed by the anti-business leftist politics of multiple generations of Empire State goverment driven by the Manhattan Left. New York City, being New York City, survived all right (well, the lower two-thirds of Manhattan and the adjacent parts of Brooklyn). Buffalo, Elmira, Jamestown, Binghamton, Cortland, Utica. They didn't.

San Francisco will survive. The weather is too beautiful in San Diego for it too to fail. But Barstow? Or Stockton? Or San Jose?
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