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Nancy Soderberg's "joke"

Yes! Break out the "sarcasm" "quotes" on the "word" "joke."

Last week, as I commented below, ex-Clintonista Nancy Soderberg appeared on the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to promote her book with anti-American sounding title of The Superpower Myth: The Use and Misuse of American Might. She made some pretty bizarre statements. The "jokes" were ""Well, there's still Iran and North Korea, don't forget. There's hope for the rest of us." and even more weird, "There's always hope that this might not work," referencing the spread of democracy in the Southwestern Asia.

In today's Opinion Journal "Best of the Web," James Taranto is commenting on the fact that Nancy Soderberg is defending herself by saying it was a "joke." Missed in the "was she or wasn't she?" discussion is this obvious point: of course she was joking. But no joke is ever 100% joke. There's always at least an element of serious intent. So, the question is, was Soderberg's comment intended to 95% joke/5% serious, or, like a sexually-harassing boss who's called to account for his unfunny innuendo, 95% serious/5% joke.

Given the lack of yuks and guffaws elicited by Soderberg at the time of her comments, what percentage breakdown do you think I'm thinking?
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