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Nick Heyward - "Laura"

Ex-Haircut 100 leader Nick Heyward has gone on to have a pretty successful solo career, if you measure "success" in terms of putting out great pop music, as opposed to using the record sales metric. His first solo record North of a Miracle is a must-own, but only if you spring for the Australian version with seven bonus tracks (which is priced at the relative bargain price of $13.99 over at the usually pricier

The bonus tracks make the record. The instrumental version of the album's single "Whistle Down the Wind" is just as moving as the lyrical take. But the best song of all is Track 17, "Laura." Don't know why this wasn't included on the regular LP. It's a "should've been-a number one" in my book. It's yet another song in that patented Nick Heyward vein where the peppy upbeat pop tune conceals the downer lyrics about unfulfilled love. Song o' the day, nonetheless.

Special bonus Nick Heyward anecdote: A friend of mine saw Nick Heyward when he was touring in support of North of a Miracle back in the early 80s, right after he left his band to go solo. Apparently Nick was quite embittered over the Haircut 100 experience. He asked the crowd: "Anyone hear the new Haircut 100 record?" Dead silence. Nick deadpans, "Thought so." Ouch. And he looks like such a nice young man, too.
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