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Spring training in Arizona

This weekend I will be checking out spring training in central Arizona with special emphasis on my favorite Arizona-training team, the Texas Rangers.

I am distinguishing here between franchises that I like (St Louis Cardinals, Minnesota Twins) and teams that I like (Florida Marlins, Texas Rangers). When I like a franchise, it's because I am a fan of the whole entity, regardless of the players on the roster or the way the team plays. When I like a team, it's because I like the players, or their style of play (usually that means excellent up-the-middle defense and a balanced offense not overly reliant on sluggery), at this precise instance of time.

The current Rangers are the most interesting team to watch of the Arizona trainers. Michael Young and Hank Blalock are great young players. Mark Teixeira is a Georgia Tech boy, always a plus (especially when the player is not a Red Sock). And Chan Ho Park is the only major leaguer who has ever called to interrupt a person who was eating dinner with me, so I gotta love him too. I'm not optimistic about the '05 Rangers, as I expect this to be a "consolidation" year before they become legit World Series contenders in 2006. But maybe catching a couple of spring training games will change my opinion.

And after I soak in the baseball atmosphere, it will be time for me to make my predictions for 2005.
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