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Spring training Surprise

I watched the Texas Rangers play the Los Angeles/Anaheim/Orange County/California Angels on a rainy overcast Saturday in Surprise, Arizona. Angels won in 10 innings, 5-3. I have a few observations.

First of all, what an incredibly beaatiful little 10K-seat ballpark they got themselves in Surprise. I'm going to have to go back some day, in the early morning, and see if they folks wander the practice fields.

The Angels only played a few regulars (Garret Anderson, Bengie Molina, Vlad The Great), and a large number of non-roster invitees, so I don't have a good sense of their team. You really do feel the non-roster and minor league players in that game. You can't help but want to see Brian Specht (2B) or Mike Napoli (DH) succeed. Chone Figgins - and I have no clue as to what is supposed to be his natural position - made a spectacular play at second.

The Rangers, on the other hand, were not impressive this day. I go into this season pessimistic about their chances and they did nothing to dissuade. Alfonso Soriano had an atrocious half-day defensively. Chan Ho Park was golfed around. SS Mike Young supplied all the offense (and played sterling defense) and teh Ranger attack died once Young was pulled the game. I'm concerned about the Rangers' pitching. And I'm concerned that they are not going to get enough offense out of their outfield. (Their infield, however, will be the best offensive infield in baseball again - even better than my beloved Cardinals.) Buck Showalter will have them ready to play.

One problem with the game that reminded of why I don't like to watch live sports much anymore: the fans. There was a big fat frick two rows directly in front of me that played the "loud know-it-all" persona. He knew everything. He also rode Soriano who (admittedly) was playing terrible defensively. But this guy was a tub.

Now, I'm carrying a few pounds to me. It's no crime to be heavy (not even in California). But if you're going to rag on an athlete for not performing, don't you think that you should have some rudimentary athletic skills yourself? This guy was 75 percent of the way toward Michael Moore-dom in his girth. Put the fat frig out at second and he'd still be trying to reach the balls the Soriano muffed. So my point: don't loudly attack the ballplayers for failing to do something you could never even do in your dreams.

If Roberto Alomar wanted to rag on Soriano's defense, well, I guess we'd just have to step aside and let him. But if a big fat Michael Moore body-alike in a black SeanJohn T-shirt wants to attack Alfonso Soriano, I say: shut the frick up you fat frig. And, yes, we were able to figure out that Angels SS Maicer Izturis isn't (yet) as good as his brother, Dodger SS Cesar. We figured it out without you loudly proclaiming it to all the folks in your zip code.
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