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Thompson Twins - "We Are Detective"

An encore song o' the day from the Thompson Twins CD Quick Step & Side Kick, re-released in 2004 chock full of super bonus tracks.

I owned and actually enjoyed the American variant,Sidekicks, back in its day, 1983, the grad school years in Upstate New York. I just thought it was catchy upbeat bit of electro-fluff. I listen to the CD nowadays, and after a few listens, I released, it is the single most paranoid record in my entire collection. Every song seems to be about being watched, spied upon, or surveilled. The tunes may be fun, but not the lyrics.

"We Are Detective" seems to be the most paranoid of them all, which is saying something. The bouncy singalong chorus is jarringly juxtaposed against verses straight out of a Cold War spy novel. But it works.
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