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Timbalada - "Margarida Perfumada"

My favorite Brazilian music is from the Carlinhos Brown side project Timbalada. The best music (and the best food) in the most musical country on earth is the highly percussive axĂȘ music of Bahia is northeast Brazil.

The mournful "Margarida Perfuma" is the closest Timbalada has ever come to a ballad. The beats per minute is a bit lower than most of their songs, but it's still percussion-driven. I have this song off multiple Timbalada discs, such as the Minha Historia CD that I bought at the suggestion of a local at a CD store in the Centro (downtown) neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro.

This song originally appeared on the third Timbalada CD, Andei Road, their most American-sounding CD that actually comes close to "rocking out." Ironically, it's the toughest Timbalada CD to find in the United States. I bought my copy of a few years on line from a Japanese record store. Isn't the internet wonderful? An American man sitting at his computer in Las Vegas can buy a Brazilian CD from a Japanese record store without having to translate his request into either portuguesa or kanji. That alone is enough to justify this choice for song o' the day.
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