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A two-fer from Professor Bainbridge

Great great great post by UCLA law school professor Steven Bainbrige at his site. It's a two-fer!

Why's it a two-fer? It's two, two great posts in one!

On the one hand, he makes a great point about how big-government, nanny-state liberalism has destroyed the community network, replacing neighborliness with bureaucracy. We are less likely to reach out and help those in need because it's the job of government. A friend of mine takes the same view about why Franklin Roosevelt was the worst president: social security. FDR ended the idea that caring for the elderly was a family responsibility and replaced it with the notion it was a state responsibility. That's known as "destroying families."

The UCLA Professor makes that great point that must be emphasized over and over. And, and this is the two-fer bonus. He does it in the context of dismissing yet another example of the shallowness and superficiality of that upper middle class Brit-twit, Andrew Sullivan. He points out a virtual plagiarism by the pompous little (insert synonym for rectum here); he then proceeds to eviscerate the arrogant little (insert male genital synonym here) by pointing the utter falsity of the dumb idea he just stole. Bainbridge thrusts his epee like a fencing gold medalist, right into the (insert a whole raft of vulgarities).

Why do have such a low opinion of Mr. Sullivan? Well, I met the man. That's reason enough.
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